Pownce Desktop Software

Pownce Desktop Software 1.02

The official desktop client for your Pownce account


  • Manage your Pownce profile from the desktop
  • Follow your friends' messages
  • Automatic refresh


  • No filtering options

Very good

Pownce is a new microblogging site that many people compare to Twitter and which also has its own desktop clients – yes, just like Twitter.

This Pownce client has been created and released by the Pownce developers themselves to provide their users with an easier and more comfortable way to post messages to Pownce and also follow those of their friends. The Pownce client is based on Adobe Air, which means you'll need to download the Adobe Air runtime files before installing and running it.

As other Adobe Air desktop apps, the Pownce client works very smoothly and features a slicky interface from which you can publish messages, URLs and events, see your friends' messages and reply any private notes you may have. All these items are presented in a shared timeline which makes it a bit confusing – it would have been great to be able to filter messages by author, type and other topics. The program only allows you to manage one single Pownce account and doesn't feature any configuration settings at all.

Though this Pownce client is quite basic in functionality, it's still a good tool to post messages to your Pownce profile and also follow your friends.

The Pownce Desktop Software makes it even faster to read and send notes to your friends. You don't need it in order to use Pownce: you can do anything on the website that you can do in the software. However, it's faster, easier, and more fun to do a whole bunch of things with the software, so we'd definitely recommend it.

Some great features it has:

  • Auto-updates every 60 seconds.
  • Send any kind of note.
  • Progress bar for sending files.

Pownce Desktop Software


Pownce Desktop Software 1.02

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